Change blah bathroom counters into fun and fabulous

Whether you’re moving into a new home, decorating after refinishing, or just feeling the need for change, a bare vanity does a poor job at hiding itself. Nothing like lots of blank counter to scream out, “I am naked and need company.”

There are so many wonderful ways to make a vanity more inviting to a homeowner and guest: soaps, candles, lotions, potions, soap dishes or dispensers and towels. Ideally a visit to a bathroom vanity is a pleasant experience. We want our guests to feel welcome and as occupants we want to feel we have what we need put together attractively.

We want guests to be able to clean their hands with a nice soap, then have a way, other than their pants, to make them dry. We determine if it is going to be a pump soap out of plastic or if we want to invest in a unique dispenser. Often an interesting soap dish dictates the need for bar soap. For this there are an endless number of soaps available that can be very attractive and fragrant. A beautiful soap can make us feel like we are living in the lap of luxury. Coupling the soap with a fragrant candle and lotion, creates a bit of decadence.

Once the soap situation is determined, there is a need for a hand towel. Do you have towels you like or are you going to pick out something new? Offering something soft and absorbent is comforting when you are visiting a home and lovely when you live there. There is nothing like feeling the softness of a nice towel before setting off to the next thing.

Does that perfect hand towel have a home? Is the counter large enough that folding a few and setting them right on the counter is an attractive option? If there isn’t counter space, which is usually the case, choose a towel bar or hook that looks nice with the faucet and lighting. It gives the towel a place to live which is far better than sitting in a heap on top of the toilet.

One often overlooked option is a plant. Putting something living, which may or may not be green, adds a bit of vitality and cleans some of the air. It can be a nice design element that is purely for aesthetics. Nice silk flower or plant arrangements can also brighten the space and allow for easy season changes.

When you are ready to refinish your vanity counter and any other floor or counter surfaces, contact Refinish First for a free resurfacing estimate.


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