Kitchen Flooring

Now that you are determined to update your kitchen, hopefully you are in the process or have decided what to do with the counter. The most affordable and very attractive option is to have your counters refinished. Refinish First can refinish almost any countertop: laminate, Corian,Formica, Silestone and ceramic tile. Refinishing can be done quickly, at a significant cost savings over replacement and without the mess.

Once a decision has been made on the counter, you will have a color to work with. This along with the color of the cabinets and existing or potential wall colors, will help you decide on the color of the flooring. Certainly budget, availability, and preferences will also come into play.

One affordable option is vinyl. Vinyl is not only great because of the affordability, but how easy it is to clean. The offerings have expanded a bit in recent years, but that is really the biggest challenge with vinyl. There just aren’t lots of color or pattern options when compared to other possibilities. Having said that, if you find what you like, you are good to go.


Wood flooring in the kitchen has existed since homes were first built. Maybe you have a wood floor underneath a piece of vinyl that you want to refinish? Don’t let a few old boards ruin your plans. Repair, replace and refinish. It will look great. Another option, which sometimes is more affordable than perfect boards, is to have a wood floor of different lengths. On the higher end, Tamarack, Pine and Walnut are trending among designers and remodelers. Any option you choose will look great, because you can’t go wrong with a classic like wood.

Of course, it might be that you want a wood floor, but want to install it yourself, which might push you toward a snap together floor. This has real wood that is prefinished and is much easier to install for anyone unfamiliar with wood flooring. It eliminates the need for sanding, which is where most people find the biggest challenge.

Snap together or floating flooring, is also available in patterns that replicate the look of tile. This is a nice option if you find a pattern you like and prefer installing this way versus tile. It is an attractive option.


Another timeless material is tile. Tile can be affordable, looks great, and there are lots of color options. It can be a DIY project or easily hired out. The challenge with tile is keeping the grout lines looking clean. It is also possible to break tile if something hits one just right. However, despite the challenges, small grout lines can make for a great kitchen floor that works beautifully with a refinished counter.

Already have a tile floor that doesn’t match your new kitchen color scheme? Refinish First can refinish that tile floor to match any color scheme. Contact us for a free estimate.

Lots of options, means lots of fun. Happy remodeling!


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