Bringing Spring into the Kitchen

What is your pleasure? Cut flowers, potted plants or fresh herbs? Anything that contrasts gray skies will be a welcome change.

Cut flowers can make a loud statement. It is possible to combine a wide variety of flowers sourced from all over the world, into a colorful and textured bouquet; a feast for the eyes. Combine the color with fragrant lilies or carnations and the smell of spring wafts through the house. The down side with cut flowers is they are expensive and most don’t last very long. However, they are still a bright option.

If you want something that is more long lasting, try purchasing potted plants. You can go with an indoor variety that will always live inside. A combination of succulents in an interesting pot suits a kitchen nicely and looks good year round. If you want something colorful, buy potted plants that will eventually move outside when the weather permits. If you go with an annual like a pansy, choose a fun pot and place on the counter. This can then be transferred to a flower bed or stay in the pot on a porch. It is also possible to get a perennial that may or may not have something blooming, but looks great, and you can eventually move it outside. Your kitchen becomes the stepping stone between the nursery and your garden. The plant gets the chance to mature and you get to enjoy it springing forth.


Herbs right in the kitchen are great. They are fragrant and beautiful. It is possible to grow basil, rosemary, dill, cilantro or whatever suits your palette and cooking preferences.

Maybe plant maintenance is not your thing. Not to worry. Silk plants are so lifelike and care free that they present a nice option too. They look great year round. Dusting now and again is the only maintenance required.

Bright color is always an uplifting element in the kitchen.


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