Yes, You can Refinish Tile Floors…and you should.

Does your bathroom tile floor drive you crazy? Every time you take a shower do you wish the dirty grout would go away or fix itself? Wouldn’t that be nice? Guess what, it is totally possible and we can make this wish come true.

It is really easy to refinish your floor and deal with all that is annoying. It is the perfect opportunity to address stains, mold, broken tile, elevation unevenness, cracks and colors that you want replaced. When you get a tile floor refinished, Refinish First comes in and takes care of all these challenges and final coatings.

The actual floor refinishing begins with a high tech coating application right over the existing tile. On top of this layer a hard acrylic coat is applied. You end up with a long lasting finish that is easy to clean and brand new. All the annoying grout lines are sealed up. Wahoo! All this and the process is far more economical than removing an existing floor.

Our most popular finishes are from a stone finish collection that features many attractive options. You’ll have the opportunity to select something that reflects a palette you like and works with existing elements. However, while your floor is being resurfaced, it’s the ideal time to refinish the tub and counter surfaces as well. Have Refinish First give you a free estimate to resurface any or all parts of your bathroom.




Restaurant Refinishing Restores Vitality

One of the best applications for Refinish First resurfacing is in businesses. Refinishing is far more affordable than new construction, potentially saving thousands of dollars on a project. With resurfacing there are all the advantages of new and upgraded materials without the disadvantages of new construction prices.

When Refinish First refinishes flooring it transforms dining and bathroom areas. These areas become brighter and newer versions of themselves. The floors end up with a high quality coating that is attractive, long lasting and is easy to clean. A much needed change for tired and dated flooring.

Another great restaurant possibility is having and surfaces like dining tables, bathrooms, bars, hosting areas and prepping surfaces refinished. Refinish First can add a finish that matches existing elements but makes the surfaces like new. All refinished surfaces will be able to handle constant use while maintaining a new appearance.

For a free estimate and ideas on how you can improve surfaces in your business, contact Refinish First.

Use your Russian doll collection to decorate the Kitchen

Labeling a decorating style isn’t easy. It forces the question, “what is my decorating style?” The idea behind determining your decorating style is to make it easier for you to create the overall atmosphere you desire. Often this means, envisioning the final result that reflects your personality and interests. It can be challenging and expensive to undo things, so it is better to take your time making the right decisions that will work with all the elements you hope to include.

Picture your ideal living situation. Do you imagine yourself in a remodeled warehouse in an upscale urban environment, or would you want to be near the seashore, or perhaps a southwestern motif seems perfect? Whatever you really want will inform your decorating preferences. Someone wanting to live in a southern France villa is going to decorate very differently from the person preferring a western ranch style.

What furniture have you already purchased and really like? Did you get a dresser at a yard sale and refinish it into something you love? Or are you surrounded by hand-me-downs you have been given and are purely utilitarian? If budget didn’t matter, do you know what furniture you would choose? Furniture preferences give a strong indication of decorating style. The advantage to knowing if there is a label to what you find interesting, is it can help you with finding additional décor items that work nicely with those furnishings. For example, if you like craftsman style furniture, it is very easy to add lighting, faucets and hardware that are of the same period and design, which adds to the overall appearance. It is a great way to pull many details together.

Having said this, if you like wicker chairs with mid-century modern lamps and saber tooth tiger throw rugs, you fall into what is called eclectic. Most of us don’t have the exotic throw rugs, but fall into this category, which just means everything goes. The bottom line here is not to worry about making all the elements blend together seamlessly but to choose what you like.

Since we are discussing what defines your style, let’s talk about who you entertain? Are you president of the PTA, mom to everyone, have your priest over for Sunday supper or prefer being by yourself? Are you someone who has large buffet dinners that show off your china? If so, you might want to choose some of your finish colors, like your countertop, to work nicely with the china. If you don’t care about the food you serve, but want a sleek and modern looking kitchen, then you know a bit about your decorating style and can refinish accordingly.

Do you like a certain type of artwork? Do you have a collection that you want to include in your decor? This is a great opportunity to think about the texture and color combinations of objects and finishes. Take your time determining what combination you want to spend time with. Also, consider if you want your counter to function as a part of your décor or to play a supporting role for displaying objects. Do you have a collection of Chinese ceramic canisters or Russian dolls that function as sugar bowls that you want to have on your kitchen counter? If so, what sort of counter would work nicely with such things?

Contact Refinish First to help you with planning the perfect counter and floor refinish to express your style.

Change blah bathroom counters into fun and fabulous

Whether you’re moving into a new home, decorating after refinishing, or just feeling the need for change, a bare vanity does a poor job at hiding itself. Nothing like lots of blank counter to scream out, “I am naked and need company.”

There are so many wonderful ways to make a vanity more inviting to a homeowner and guest: soaps, candles, lotions, potions, soap dishes or dispensers and towels. Ideally a visit to a bathroom vanity is a pleasant experience. We want our guests to feel welcome and as occupants we want to feel we have what we need put together attractively.

We want guests to be able to clean their hands with a nice soap, then have a way, other than their pants, to make them dry. We determine if it is going to be a pump soap out of plastic or if we want to invest in a unique dispenser. Often an interesting soap dish dictates the need for bar soap. For this there are an endless number of soaps available that can be very attractive and fragrant. A beautiful soap can make us feel like we are living in the lap of luxury. Coupling the soap with a fragrant candle and lotion, creates a bit of decadence.

Once the soap situation is determined, there is a need for a hand towel. Do you have towels you like or are you going to pick out something new? Offering something soft and absorbent is comforting when you are visiting a home and lovely when you live there. There is nothing like feeling the softness of a nice towel before setting off to the next thing.

Does that perfect hand towel have a home? Is the counter large enough that folding a few and setting them right on the counter is an attractive option? If there isn’t counter space, which is usually the case, choose a towel bar or hook that looks nice with the faucet and lighting. It gives the towel a place to live which is far better than sitting in a heap on top of the toilet.

One often overlooked option is a plant. Putting something living, which may or may not be green, adds a bit of vitality and cleans some of the air. It can be a nice design element that is purely for aesthetics. Nice silk flower or plant arrangements can also brighten the space and allow for easy season changes.

When you are ready to refinish your vanity counter and any other floor or counter surfaces, contact Refinish First for a free resurfacing estimate.

Fresh Spring Color Trends

The 2014 color of the year according to Sherwin Williams is Exclusive Plum SW6263. Here it is –



Here it is – 2014 Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is Exclusive Plum

They suggest combining it with one of these four colors:


Dynamo SW 6841


Sassy Green SW 6416


Relic Bronze SW


Sealskin SW 7675

Let Refinish First resurface your bath, shower or countertop to go along with the new spring color trends!


Kitchen Flooring

Now that you are determined to update your kitchen, hopefully you are in the process or have decided what to do with the counter. The most affordable and very attractive option is to have your counters refinished. Refinish First can refinish almost any countertop: laminate, Corian,Formica, Silestone and ceramic tile. Refinishing can be done quickly, at a significant cost savings over replacement and without the mess.

Once a decision has been made on the counter, you will have a color to work with. This along with the color of the cabinets and existing or potential wall colors, will help you decide on the color of the flooring. Certainly budget, availability, and preferences will also come into play.

One affordable option is vinyl. Vinyl is not only great because of the affordability, but how easy it is to clean. The offerings have expanded a bit in recent years, but that is really the biggest challenge with vinyl. There just aren’t lots of color or pattern options when compared to other possibilities. Having said that, if you find what you like, you are good to go.


Wood flooring in the kitchen has existed since homes were first built. Maybe you have a wood floor underneath a piece of vinyl that you want to refinish? Don’t let a few old boards ruin your plans. Repair, replace and refinish. It will look great. Another option, which sometimes is more affordable than perfect boards, is to have a wood floor of different lengths. On the higher end, Tamarack, Pine and Walnut are trending among designers and remodelers. Any option you choose will look great, because you can’t go wrong with a classic like wood.

Of course, it might be that you want a wood floor, but want to install it yourself, which might push you toward a snap together floor. This has real wood that is prefinished and is much easier to install for anyone unfamiliar with wood flooring. It eliminates the need for sanding, which is where most people find the biggest challenge.

Snap together or floating flooring, is also available in patterns that replicate the look of tile. This is a nice option if you find a pattern you like and prefer installing this way versus tile. It is an attractive option.


Another timeless material is tile. Tile can be affordable, looks great, and there are lots of color options. It can be a DIY project or easily hired out. The challenge with tile is keeping the grout lines looking clean. It is also possible to break tile if something hits one just right. However, despite the challenges, small grout lines can make for a great kitchen floor that works beautifully with a refinished counter.

Already have a tile floor that doesn’t match your new kitchen color scheme? Refinish First can refinish that tile floor to match any color scheme. Contact us for a free estimate.

Lots of options, means lots of fun. Happy remodeling!



This is the best time in history to buy a dishwasher. There are more options, higher efficiency, they are far quieter than previous versions and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes. Product development departments certainly have been burning the midnight oil.

Most of the time when purchasing a large appliance, the decision is influenced by price, color/finish and when and if it can be delivered. Now, you need to consider features, functionality, efficiency and form.

The number of features included in any given dishwasher comes on a list as long as what you find on a new car. This emphasizes the importance of doing your homework to compare these long lists against each other. Along with the lists that compare features, it is worth reading real human reviews that can tell you about their day to day experience. This certainly makes it easier to steer clear of the duds. Of course, make sure you base your decision on more than one review.

When it comes to areas of functionality, for anyone with sound sensitivities, most dishwashers are between 40-50 dBA. Since this has improved so much over the years, it probably will not be a huge factor when making a decision, but if this is important to you, it is nice to have a specific number which is usually provided.

If you want specific types of cycles or just like to have options, each model has its own appeal. There is no reason to buy a dishwasher with two cycles if you want 9. Likewise, if you prefer 3 racks to 2, knock yourself out.

Once you know how a unit will sound and what basic functions it performs, you can drill down to the finer details of the machine. Does it have a cancel setting? Fortunately most do. Does it do small loads? Most, but not all, so pay attention if this is important. Do you want adjustability so that you can fold everything down to clean certain large items? Or is this unimportant in the face of price or color? Some of the newer offerings include child locks, hard food processors, and variable spray pressure. Nice options.

Appliance efficiency has improved drastically over the last ten years largely because of Green Building which places an emphasis on minimizing energy use and lowering water consumption. Builders want appliances that reflect the same values as the rest of the house and don’t want appliances that hurt the building efficiency. With this in mind, low water usage and energy efficient dishwashers are everywhere. When browsing any dishwasher aisle, you will notice stickers with the estimated annual operating cost, energy usage, whether it is energy star qualified and how much water is used per cycle. The efficiency of a dishwasher is likely to play a part in your decision.

Lastly, is the appearance of the dishwasher. Not to say the other aspects are any less valuable, but at some point it becomes important to think about how the appearance of the dishwasher is going to work with all the other elements in the kitchen. Do you want it to have the same finish as the refrigerator and or oven? Or is matching not important? Do you want to try to make it as innocuous as possible or do you want it to be a focal point?

Enjoy picking out a new dishwasher.