Oh the beautiful claw foot tub

There is nothing quite as romantic as a claw foot tub. However, if the tub is chipped and in overall disrepair, it can be an eyesore. Contact Refinish First to get it refinished and brought back to its original splendor.

Often homeowners aren’t sure if they should refinish or remove the tub. It is much more affordable to refinish and is guaranteed to continue to be visually interesting.

If the tub is being moved around, it is worth removing the feet, cleaning and painting. They will really look great with a beautifully refinished tub.

Now that the claw foot tub looks great, the faucet might be looking tired. Hopefully that isn’t the case. However, if the budget allows, it is possible to get new faucets with retro designs that work perfectly with claw foot tubs. There are all sorts of finishes, price points and even the possibility of adding a showerhead. A retro designed faucet is a wonderful way to accentuate the beauty of the tub.

If you intend to actually use the tub as a shower you’ll need to add a fashionable shower curtain too. There are curtain holders available that attach to the ceiling and can be matched to the faucet, which is a very attractive design element. Throw in subway tile or hexagons and you have an updated Victorian bathroom.



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