Kitchen Remodeling Elements

In order for a kitchen to have an integrated appearance, there are a number of elements to be considered. Here is a partial list in order of visual prominence: counters, cabinets, appliances, wall color, lighting, backsplash and hardware.  Each element has its own finish and color, which deserve consideration.

Integrating these elements doesn’t always mean replacing everything; it just means paying attention to how the paint color and cabinets will work with your counter choice. The first step is to contact Refinish First to select your new countertop, which will inform your other decisions.

Changing cabinets is very expensive, so this is not recommended. Knowing the cabinets aren’t changing, how can you adjust the wall and ceiling paint colors to work in a flattering way? Do you want to increase contrast and add something very different? Do you want to go more neutral than what is there? Paint is one of the least expensive and most noticeable ways to make home improvements.

Additionally, once you know the counter finish, do you have a backsplash that will be the same as the counter or do you need to install something? If so, do you want it to blend with the counter or do you want it to pop out? Each person has their own color ideals for a nice kitchen.

At this point you have picked a great new counter finish and have a wall color you like. For this example we’ll assume the appliances are staying, but another element worth thinking about is the cabinet hardware. With a new counter, your kitchen is looking great which sometimes draws attention to some of the older and dated parts. Updating hardware is very easy and one of the least expensive things you can do to refresh your cabinets.

If your kitchen still isn’t coming together like you envisioned, consider the appearance of your appliances, lighting, sink, windows and flooring. How are they impacting the overall appearance of the kitchen?

As mentioned above, start with the counter and work your way out to all the other elements. Have fun creating a new and improved kitchen.



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