Slip Resistant Bathtub Surfaces

A slippery bathtub can significantly increase the risk of falls and injuries, which tends to reduce the desire to take a bath. This is why Refinish First offers a slip resistant surface option for bathtubs and shower pans. Slip resistant surfaces help reduce the risk of falling and are easy to clean, which makes them more sanitary.

Many people start with an inexpensive and ineffective fix, which is the bath mat. These eventually fail to stay in place because of the slippery finish they sit on and the problem persists. In addition to bath mats not creating a safe surface, they can permanently stain bath surfaces.

It is widely known that slip resistant surfaces are critical to the safety of the elderly and the infirm (not to mention everyone else). A fall can lead to hospitalization in some cases. This can be avoided with a safer floor, hand held showerhead, and grab and curved bars. Refinish First can provide everything needed for a safe bathroom.

Refinish First uses a chemically bonded treatment to form a slip resistant surface that is not prone to cracking or peeling. It comes in a variety of colors and coarseness and is easy to install. Let Refinish First make your bathroom safer.


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