Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet and Accessories

Often when remodeling we focus on the big things, like the counters and flooring. Many would argue correctly that these are critical because they will get the most use, take up the most space and make the largest visual impact. However, other details also need consideration in order to work nicely with these elements.

Like all things in building there are a wide array of faucets on the market and just as many price points. When choosing a model, consider the surfaces, cabinets and style of the home. Is it a bungalow or a Victorian home that needs something more traditional? Is it mid-century modern? Or is it eclectic and anything will work? From this research a style will emerge.

In addition to the wide range of faucet styles comes an array of possible features. One type makes it possible to turn the faucet on and off with the forearm leaving hands free to hold vegetables or keeping sticky hands off a lever. It’s also possible to get tall commercial faucets used for filling large pots. This is just a small sampling of what is on the market. Sometimes the hot and cold are on the faucet, or offset. The built in instant hot water and soap are also considerations.

Before choosing a new faucet, which is a worthwhile investment, count the number of holes on your sink and see what sort of space is available underneath to make a compatible choice. This will be a nice addition to the Refinish First counter and floor.


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