Bathrooms and Kitchens Pay for Themselves

Will this renovation pay off? That’s the question on the minds of many a homeowner who want to increase the resale value.  The best remodeling projects with the highest return on investment focus on curb appeal and renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Here a few helpful tips on why these investments pay off:

Curb appeal:

First impressions are critical to selling. Potential buyers are forming opinions before they are even out of the car. Easy ways to improve exteriors include paint, power washing and cleaning windows. This freshens the appearance. Landscaping and removing clutter make a property feel cared for and tidy. Attention to these details can mean making a sale sooner. Additionally, outside investments are worthwhile because if prospective buyers don’t like the outside, it is hard to get them to go inside where the magic happens.


Who doesn’t eat? Who goes into a house and doesn’t pay attention to the spot where many hours will be spent? It is a critical selling point because most buyers do not want to renovate. In fact many dated homes sit on the market far longer than turn key properties. If a prospective buyer walks into a kitchen with a face-lift, they only need to bring their pots. This translates into less work for them. Wahoo!

While remodeling a kitchen can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. Quicker, less expensive options include paint and refinishing.  Have Refinish First improve countertop and flooring surfaces to achieve amazing results. New surfaces will make a kitchen pop and look new again.


Make a buyer feel like they are the first to use the room by creating a fresh and clean bathroom. Few people want ‘70s harvest gold wallpaper with a chipping ‘60’s pink sink. Not strong selling points. It is wise to replace and resurface. When you do your bathroom remodel, contact Refinish First to transform your counter, flooring and shower into a newer and better version of itself that will bring a high return on investment.

Return on Investment:

If you control your remodeling budget, by making decisions that will give you the highest return on investment, you will be able to ask a higher price. However if you decide to use gold plated faucets or diamond encrusted counter tops in your new bathroom, it is hard to recoup the investment. Using a company like Refinish First is a good idea because it is an affordable investment that delivers high value.

To get started call Refinish First at 208-908-6678.  A commercial refinishing expert will answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Good luck with the remodeling.


Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet and Accessories

Often when remodeling we focus on the big things, like the counters and flooring. Many would argue correctly that these are critical because they will get the most use, take up the most space and make the largest visual impact. However, other details also need consideration in order to work nicely with these elements.

Like all things in building there are a wide array of faucets on the market and just as many price points. When choosing a model, consider the surfaces, cabinets and style of the home. Is it a bungalow or a Victorian home that needs something more traditional? Is it mid-century modern? Or is it eclectic and anything will work? From this research a style will emerge.

In addition to the wide range of faucet styles comes an array of possible features. One type makes it possible to turn the faucet on and off with the forearm leaving hands free to hold vegetables or keeping sticky hands off a lever. It’s also possible to get tall commercial faucets used for filling large pots. This is just a small sampling of what is on the market. Sometimes the hot and cold are on the faucet, or offset. The built in instant hot water and soap are also considerations.

Before choosing a new faucet, which is a worthwhile investment, count the number of holes on your sink and see what sort of space is available underneath to make a compatible choice. This will be a nice addition to the Refinish First counter and floor.

Slip Resistant Bathtub Surfaces

A slippery bathtub can significantly increase the risk of falls and injuries, which tends to reduce the desire to take a bath. This is why Refinish First offers a slip resistant surface option for bathtubs and shower pans. Slip resistant surfaces help reduce the risk of falling and are easy to clean, which makes them more sanitary.

Many people start with an inexpensive and ineffective fix, which is the bath mat. These eventually fail to stay in place because of the slippery finish they sit on and the problem persists. In addition to bath mats not creating a safe surface, they can permanently stain bath surfaces.

It is widely known that slip resistant surfaces are critical to the safety of the elderly and the infirm (not to mention everyone else). A fall can lead to hospitalization in some cases. This can be avoided with a safer floor, hand held showerhead, and grab and curved bars. Refinish First can provide everything needed for a safe bathroom.

Refinish First uses a chemically bonded treatment to form a slip resistant surface that is not prone to cracking or peeling. It comes in a variety of colors and coarseness and is easy to install. Let Refinish First make your bathroom safer.

Bathtub and Chip Repair Success at Hotels & Resorts

Hotel rooms need to be clean and nice in order to keep customers happy and wanting to return. Since repeat business is an important component to any business, it becomes clear that hospitality spaces need to sparkle.

Utilizing the services of a company like Refinish First to bring a large facility up to date is the most economical option. Remodeling and improving surfaces can have the same result as new construction. You don’t need new studs to have a new room.

When undertaking improvements for several rooms, the expense adds up quickly, which forces the issue of how to proceed. It makes sense that refinishing bathtubs is more affordable and practical than removing and replacing existing tubs. It is possible to give a tub a new color and texture to create a whole new appearance. This can save thousands of dollars on a remodeling project.

Refinish First can repair and refinish all types of bath and kitchen surfaces, including porcelain, Formica, fiberglass, and cultured marble. The finishes are guaranteed against peeling and adhesion failure. Additionally grab bars and slip-resistant surfaces for bathroom safety can be installed.

Refinish First has created a Nationwide Commercial Services Team to handle large jobs requiring additional manpower. Refinish First understands that working on hotel rooms cuts into the bottom line and makes every effort to complete improvements quickly.