Surprise your Valentine with Newly Refinished Master Bathroom

Surprise your Valentine with a newly upgraded bathroom and your sweetheart will fall in love again when he/she she sees how amazing the project looks. They’ll be even more impressed with how much you saved by calling Refinish First.  This is not only a great way to enhance the market value of your home, but also let your spouse know you were listening each time he or she complained about the old sink or countertop in your bathroom.

When it comes time to make a change, master bathrooms are usually at the top of a homeowners’ list of rooms to fix or renovate.  But the latest report from the 2014 Houzz Winter Bathroom Study reveals surprising trends about what people are choosing to include — or exclude, in some cases.

For example, more than half of the 7,500 people surveyed are saying goodbye to privacy when visiting the porcelain throne, choosing instead to leave their new master toilet exposed. However, homeowners 35 and older are more likely to keep their potty privacy.

Speaking of the potty, 91 percent of remodelers are selecting high-efficiency toilets for the remodel. And more than a quarter of young homeowners are eschewing the traditional two-piece model in favor of tankless or wall-mounted options.

Other interesting findings: Double sinks are on the rise so if you have those double sinks from the 70’s, you’ll be back in style in a jiffy with a new finish on them by Refinish First. Also, remodelers want to let in the light: 48 percent of respondents are adding a new window and 12 percent want a skylight. Some people are even spicing up the shower with LED lights in their showerheads.


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