7 Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen with Love

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. Don’t let Cupid’s arrow land without taking time to incorporate the holiday into your kitchen decor. With just a few simple decorations, you can surprise your special someone.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house; it is where meals are cooked and where families converge and hang out. There are many ways to add decorations to a kitchen and make it inviting and warm. Here are some tips on how to add some love to your living spaces:

1. Update the bling. Surprise your Valentine with updated fixtures or newly refinished kitchen or bath countertops. Refinish First can refinish your countertops and sink quickly and inexpensively. Yes, we can have it finished by Valentine’s Day!

2. Amore with aroma. The aroma of your home can be seductive on any special evening. Create candle groupings, using a single color palette and scent. A arrange on a decorative tray or glass dish. Place on the kitchen countertop, tables, or in the bathroom or bedroom.

3. Dining in decadence. A sure-fire way to warm your Valentine’s heart is through their stomach.  Have fun cooking something creative and fun that you can enjoy eating together.

4. Fun with flowers.  Blooms and blossoms add ambiance and lively decoration to any room. For an easy, romantic centerpiece, fill a glass bowl with water and float blossoms and votive candles.

5. Express feelings with fridge magnets.  A fun way to spruce up your kitchen’s ambiance is to spice up your fridge!  Buy a bunch of magnetic letters and leave your Valentine a loving message.

6. Play around with lighting. String lights on the kitchen backsplash, on top of cabinets and on the table.  Even bare branches from the backyard, wrapped in lights, and placed upright in a vase or a bucket create interesting lighting. Turn off the main overhead lights to create a romantic atmosphere.

7. Declutter.  If you are like many people, you may be guilty of too many details. Take an honest look at your kitchen. Is it too cluttered?  A new kitchen may emerge just from this one step.

Any new decorations should still allow your kitchen to be practical and functional. With just a few dollars and a little extra effort, you can create a romantic interior to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.


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