Slip-Resistant Surfaces: A Better Alternative to Bathtub Liners

Many tubs come from the factory with some kind of rough bottom to act as a slip resistant surface. Unfortunately, over time the roughness wears off and does little to prevent slips. Aftermarket options are to use a bathtub liner, stick-on appliqués, or professionally install a slip resistant surface. Bathtub liners are simply sheets of PVC plastic or acrylic that are molded to the shape of a tub, placed over an existing tub, and then glued down to cover it up.  But, do you really want to trade the deep gloss of refinished porcelain tub for the look and feel of plastic?

By refinishing your bathtub you can avoid the various pitfalls associated with a meager bathtub liner. A bathtub liner is an inferior solution because cracks or leaks are likely to develop over time. This can cause serious problems such as mold damage, damaged plumbing, or a ”squishy” texture in the entire tub. While certainly unpleasant, these consequences can also lead to serious health problems for you and your family. Choosing Refinish First to handle your bathtub refinishing project is both affordable in the short-term as well as more beneficial for the long term.

There are several benefits of having your bathtub or shower pan refinished with the slip resistant surface offered by Refinish First:

  • A slip resistant surface applied by Refinish First is chemically bonded to the shower or bathtub and this reduces the chances of them cracking/peeling.
  • A slip resistant surface applied by Refinish First is economical and requires less time to install (approximately 1 day) due to their simplistic nature.
  • Older retirement communities, long term nursing care facilities, and home care providers can benefit from Refinish First’s installation of slip resistant surfaces because they also include the installation of hand held shower nozzles, grab bars and curved shower rods so as to increase the safety of the users.

Contact Refinish First to learn more about these great bath safety options.


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