Home Design Trends for 2014: Goodbye to Granite

During the housing boom, high-end kitchen remodels complete with granite countertops and custom cabinets were sure to boost the home’s value. Homeowners could count on recovering up to 80% of the cost of the update when the home was sold. However, with so many quality options available, including Refinish First’s lower-cost refinishing services, full remodels just aren’t recouping homeowners back their costs. Realtors are sensing a downshift in the market, which means that the cost you’ll spend on those expensive granite countertops may not be recouped. In 2014, design experts say that durable, light-colored materials that are kid-friendly will take the center stage in kitchens. The truth is that granite is expensive and unpredictable.

Marc Thee, a designer with prestigious Florida-based interior design firm Marc-Michaels Interior Design, recounted a situation where the first slabs of granite were what his client wanted, but the next one had an undesirable pink line running through the slab. He noted that the lack of control when working with natural materials is a huge problem. The common assumption that because granite is a stone it’s impervious to damage is simply not true. It actually chips quite easily and is susceptible to damage from common kitchen mishaps. As a result, it’s becoming a less popular choice for homeowners with children. Mr. Thee also notes that more homeowners are choosing synthetic, durable surfaces. Refinish First’s countertops are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to brighten up their kitchen as well as extend the life of their countertops. So, if you’ve been on the fence about whether to go granite or choose a smarter, more economical option in 2014, hop off the fence and give Refinish First a call.


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