7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Kitchen Clean

We’ve all had long, hard days where the last thing we felt like doing was deep-cleaning the kitchen. However, a lack of cleanliness can cost you in terms of both health and finances. Here are 7 reasons why you should do your best to keep your kitchen clean:

  1. Lift your spirits. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes and a countertop full of the morning’s breakfast preparations. Do your best to fully clean off your countertops and put the dishes in the dishwasher each time you’re done with a meal. You’ll be pleased to walk into a bright, clean kitchen and it’ll save you stressful, hurried minutes of trying to clean up before starting the evening meal. If you find yourself uninspired to clean your countertops, perhaps it’s time to give your kitchen a facelift. New countertops will inspire renewed vigor to make your kitchen a place to be proud of.
  2. Keep your home safe. The kitchen is full of heat, electricity, sharp objects, and slippery substances, which makes it one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in your home. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen.
  3. Save money on food. Keeping close tabs on your refrigerator can help you lower your food costs. Not only does spoiled food hurt your food budget, but it also presents a health hazard.
  4. Entertain without being embarrassed. Those dirty dishes that were only mildly annoying suddenly become exponentially more embarrassing as soon as a guest walks in your kitchen. While you might try your best to usher your guests into the spotless living room, the kitchen is the heart of the action. Chances are, your guests will wander in.
  5. Regularly cleaning your kitchen will reduce the need to bring in the heavy artillery of chemical cleaning agents. Maintaining a regular cleaning regimen will limit the number of bacteria, so you’ll have less to deal with.  Vinegar and baking soda can be very effective cleaners—and far lower in chemical content. They’re also much less likely to damage your countertops or build up over time.
  6. Make your kitchen feel like home. The kitchen is where many of us spend the most time. It doubles as a workspace, dining area, spot for food preparation, and entertainment center. How well do you get work done when your desk is cluttered? Turn your kitchen into your sanctuary by keeping it clean and adding some personality to the room.
  7. It’s more fun cooking in a clean kitchen! While it’s nice to splurge on a meal out every once in a while, cooking at home is a great way to save money. And since you know what you’re putting in your meal, it can be healthier to cook at home than it is to go out. But a dirty, chaotic kitchen doesn’t inspire much desire to cook. It’s too easy to abandon the kitchen in favor of a clean, well-lit restaurant with that great baked potato.

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