Entertaining Guests for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas right around the corner, the holidays will soon be in full swing. But with all of the treats, parties, and holiday excitement comes a substantial amount of stress. Perhaps you’re responsible for hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or maybe you’ll have extended guests staying with you for the holidays. With large dinners the focus of so many holiday gatherings, you’ll be spending ample time in the kitchen. Before family and friends arrive, you’ll want to do a few things around your home to spruce up its appearance and increase your guests’ comfort. Not looking forward to showing off your outdated, scratched countertops to your mother-in-law? This late in the game, you don’t have time to get new countertops installed and holiday entertaining is already tough on your budget.  Refinish First offers you a quick, cost-effective solution to replacing your countertops. That new countertop will be the perfect backdrop for your delicious holiday feast.

In addition to refinishing your countertops, here are some other tips for entertaining guests:

  • Make your guests as comfortable as possible—in the extra bedrooms, set aside extra blankets or a space heater. It can get chilly during the winter and there’s nothing less fun than a sleepless night spent shivering in bed! Make sure there’s plenty of reading light and extra magazines or books nearby so your guests can have the option to enjoy a good book. Leave some bottles of water and some healthy snacks in the bedroom. Late-night hunger strikes all of us, but it can be uncomfortable for guests to rummage through another person’s kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom—while this seems like a given, in the rush of the holidays it’s easy to find yourself hurriedly wiping down the sink in the often-forgotten guest bedroom. If your bathroom vanity is in shabby shape, give Refinish First a call. Make sure there are plenty of toilet paper rolls available in a visible place, as well as some air freshener. Keep plenty of clean, fluffy towels on hand—extra points if you warm them in the dryer! People inevitably forget things while traveling, so give your guests some added peace of mind by buying commonly forgotten things like earplugs, toothbrushes and other toiletries.
  • Plan meals ahead—find out any dietary restrictions your guests might have and plan accordingly. Do your shopping well in advance of the holiday dinner and don’t use recipes you haven’t tried before. Test out new ones before the big feast—it’s a sinking feeling when the delicious recipe that got amazing ratings online is a total flop. To take some of the pressure off of planning several days’ worth of meals, think about taking guests out to a favorite restaurant. Escaping to a restaurant in a new city is exciting for guests and takes some of the pressure off of you. (Plus, if you didn’t get that countertop refinished, you don’t have to stare at it all night with regret that you didn’t call Refinish First.)

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