5 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space

Small countertops driving you crazy? Not enough shelving for storing your pots and pans? We’ve all been there. For many city dwellers and apartment renters, space is at a premium and the kitchen is no exception. Small kitchens can be extremely frustrating to work in. Finding enough space to chop your vegetables without knocking over the spice rack is hard enough, but cooking an elaborate meal for guests seems nearly impossible. Since most of us won’t be able to craft additional cupboards to help with storage, we have to get a little creative. The following 5 tips will help you maximize your kitchen storage space and make cooking in your little kitchen a lot simpler and more enjoyable.

  1. Roll with the small space—rolling carts can help add much-needed counter space and their shelves underneath add extra storage. When you’re finished, simply roll the cart to the side.
  2. Use your walls—once your cabinets are filled, look to your walls. Install pot racks for your pots or use hooks to hang those coffee mugs that always seem to get in the way. Extra shelving adds room to store your dishes or spices.
  3. Conjure up cabinet space—though you might not be able to build cabinets, installing multiple-shelf units in standard-front cabinets offers you much more space and makes those large mixing bowls much easier to access.
  4. Arrange a bouquet of utensils—if you’ve got a tiny drawer that barely fits your silverware, store your larger cooking utensils like your wooden spoons and ladles in a large canister next to the stove. Flower vases from the thrift store work very well and add a pop of color to a small kitchen.
  5. Conquer the shallow sink—a small, shallow sink is the bane of many apartment owners. For sinks on the small side, think about installing an articulated faucet that can bend out of the way to accommodate large pots and pans.

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