9 Easy Decorating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom not as large as you’d like? If you’re not ready to start tearing down walls but would really like your bathroom to feel larger than it is, try these easy decorating ideas.

  1. Shelving—Installing an over-the-toilet shelf or a wall-hung shelving unit will provide some extra storage space and some unique opportunities for those cute nick-nack items you’ve collected while not taking up valuable floor space.
  2. Bold color—bright, attractive colors liven up a space and make it seem bigger than it actually is. Use plush, colorful towels and accessories to accent your color scheme. Add an extra pop of color with a pretty bouquet of flowers. It’s an effortless, inexpensive way to add a touch of class to a bathroom. If you entertain guests, they will certainly notice that thoughtful detail.
  3. Use window space—if you don’t have much space on the vanity or countertop, use the windowsill as extra shelving. Display bathroom necessities like bath salts or soap in colorful glassware. This frees up counter space and adds a creative touch to your bathroom.
  4. Add unique fixtures—create a focal point by installing unique fixtures or quirky accessories. Maybe an antique faucet or a quirky towel holder. Use an old dresser or shelf to add a vintage look to the room.
  5. Mix it up—mixing prints and textures draws the eye away from the size of the bathroom space. Think about pairing a bold shower curtain with a thick, textured rug. Or, experiment with a vibrant wallpaper pattern. If you go bold on the wallpaper, offset that with plenty of light and neutral accent pieces. You want to make your bathroom pop—not overwhelm.
  6. Light it up— swap out your standard light fixtures and install bright, attractive ones to both lighten up the space and create visual interest. A chandelier adds a little luxury to the room, while round, organic light fixtures are quirky and cool.
  7. Ditch the vanity—vanities can swallow up a room, so think about ditching the vanity for some antique pedestal sinks. They take up much less space and add a vintage, retro feel to your bathroom. And if you find some that are a little dinged up, we can refinish them!
  8. Be open—compartmentalized spaces shrink a room visually. Open spaces create the illusion of size, so think about swapping out your shower curtain for clear glass shower doors.  Refinish First can even install those new shower doors for you!
  9. Use mirrors—don’t underestimate the power of mirrors to transform a space. They stretch space by reproducing it, so highlight your bathroom’s best features by using a mirror. Highlight artwork, a panoramic view, or a window. To add an extra decorative touch, choose a mirror with a distinctive frame.

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