A Permanent Fix for Worn-Out Dormitory Bathrooms: A Case Study

The Problem

One university was faced with leaking shower pans and moldy grout in over 300 dated dormitory tile showers. They were looking for a solution that would stop the leaking and damage, eliminate and prevent future mold as well as update the look of the showers. Removal and replacement was cost prohibitive.

The Refinish First Solution

To solve the leaking shower problem, Refinish First proposed a high-tech epoxy that cures underwater. The company’s quality stone-look refinishing process, would give the showers a like-new appearance. After a successful demonstration was performed on one shower unit, the rest of the showers were turned over to Refinish First.

The Process

The showers were completely cleaned using a two-step process to kill mold and remove all soap scum, body oils and dirt. Damaged wall grout was repaired and the high-tech epoxy applied to the leaking shower pans. As the epoxy seeped through the grout, existing moisture was displaced and the shower pans sealed. The need to “dry out” the pans was eliminated and, after curing for 24 hours, the showers were ready for refinishing. Refinish First’s stone-look finish was then applied.

The Result

Now, the showers don’t leak and they look like new. The university saved thousands of dollars in removal and replacement costs, and Refinish First completed the project on time. Since the original project, Refinish First has been called upon several times to solve other surface problems in the school’s residence halls.

This sealing and refinishing process has also been successfully used at other universities. Refinish First has proven to be a money-saving solution for college facility managers and their institutions.


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