5 Reasons Why Refinish First is Better than our Competition

Refinishing is a proven, cost effective alternative to the messy removal and replacement of bathtubs, wall tile, vanity tops, and kitchen counters. Refinishing performed with the right materials and using the right procedures produces incredibly beautiful results!

But not all refinishing is the same. No other refinisher delivers the quality work or level of service consistently offered by Refinish First. Our refinished tubs look better, feel better, and last longer than those of our competitors. And, we get your job done right the first time! Here are 5 reasons why Refinish First is better than our competition:

  1. We don’t use acid etching. The key to good bathtub refinishing is getting the new finish to “stick” to the old surface. Most refinishers use hydrofluoric acid to chemically “etch” a porcelain or ceramic tile surface in an attempt to make their coating “stick.” Hydrofluoric acid is so strong that it actually eats away the porcelain, creating “pits” and a rough area for the new coating to hold onto. Hydrofluoric acid is dangerous and can cause burns to the technicians using it. If misused, this acid can cause damage to fixtures, surrounding carpet or floors.
  2. All of our Refinish First technicians are licensed and insured. Anyone entering your home to perform work should have a business license with the state, as well as liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for their employees. If you work with a refinisher who is not licensed and insured, you may have little recourse in the event you run into problems.
  3. We offer a valid warranty. A professional refinisher provides a warranty. Remember that the warranty is only as good as the refinisher doing the work. That is why you should always choose a reputable refinisher. A warranty should cover services specifically and should be available in writing. It should at least cover failure of adhesion and peeling. Beware of warranties that are pro-rated or not transferable. Also, think twice about a refinisher who is offering a warranty for a period of time longer than he has been in business. “Lifetime” warranties should raise concerns.
  4. Refinish First technicians are the most educated in the business. Bathtub refinishing is a trade or craft that must be learned and practiced. Beware of a refinisher who has taught himself or received training from a video obtained over the Internet! A professional refinisher should have personally attended a training course over several days. The more complete the training, the more likely he will deliver quality work. Refinish First technicians must complete a mandatory initial training course, as well as continuing education sessions. Refinish First technicians must attend standardized training and adhere to defined quality standards. Independent refinishers are accountable to no one.
  5. Refinish First technicians are informed and committed. A professional bathtub refinisher should be able to provide helpful information about his process and what you should expect the finished job to look like. We will thoroughly explain our process, complete the job on time, and do all this without any hidden charges or surprises. The bottom line…we will do what we say we will do. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have a great record with them.

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