5 Reasons Why Refinish First is Better than our Competition

Refinishing is a proven, cost effective alternative to the messy removal and replacement of bathtubs, wall tile, vanity tops, and kitchen counters. Refinishing performed with the right materials and using the right procedures produces incredibly beautiful results!

But not all refinishing is the same. No other refinisher delivers the quality work or level of service consistently offered by Refinish First. Our refinished tubs look better, feel better, and last longer than those of our competitors. And, we get your job done right the first time! Here are 5 reasons why Refinish First is better than our competition:

  1. We don’t use acid etching. The key to good bathtub refinishing is getting the new finish to “stick” to the old surface. Most refinishers use hydrofluoric acid to chemically “etch” a porcelain or ceramic tile surface in an attempt to make their coating “stick.” Hydrofluoric acid is so strong that it actually eats away the porcelain, creating “pits” and a rough area for the new coating to hold onto. Hydrofluoric acid is dangerous and can cause burns to the technicians using it. If misused, this acid can cause damage to fixtures, surrounding carpet or floors.
  2. All of our Refinish First technicians are licensed and insured. Anyone entering your home to perform work should have a business license with the state, as well as liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for their employees. If you work with a refinisher who is not licensed and insured, you may have little recourse in the event you run into problems.
  3. We offer a valid warranty. A professional refinisher provides a warranty. Remember that the warranty is only as good as the refinisher doing the work. That is why you should always choose a reputable refinisher. A warranty should cover services specifically and should be available in writing. It should at least cover failure of adhesion and peeling. Beware of warranties that are pro-rated or not transferable. Also, think twice about a refinisher who is offering a warranty for a period of time longer than he has been in business. “Lifetime” warranties should raise concerns.
  4. Refinish First technicians are the most educated in the business. Bathtub refinishing is a trade or craft that must be learned and practiced. Beware of a refinisher who has taught himself or received training from a video obtained over the Internet! A professional refinisher should have personally attended a training course over several days. The more complete the training, the more likely he will deliver quality work. Refinish First technicians must complete a mandatory initial training course, as well as continuing education sessions. Refinish First technicians must attend standardized training and adhere to defined quality standards. Independent refinishers are accountable to no one.
  5. Refinish First technicians are informed and committed. A professional bathtub refinisher should be able to provide helpful information about his process and what you should expect the finished job to look like. We will thoroughly explain our process, complete the job on time, and do all this without any hidden charges or surprises. The bottom line…we will do what we say we will do. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have a great record with them.

Winter Break is the Perfect Time to Fix Up University Bathrooms!

College dorms take a lot of abuse throughout the semester. After all, new students move in and out constantly. Bathrooms in particular suffer substantial wear and tear. For health and safety reasons, it’s important to update dorm bathrooms from time to time. An outdated and worn down bathroom isn’t going to help convince students to attend your school as they tour around. However, you don’t need to undergo a costly and time-consuming remodel to fix up your bathrooms—with Refinish First, we can refinish your bathrooms and give them an entirely new look within days.

Remodeling is an expensive option, especially when you take into account the number of bathrooms that need to be updated in your dorms. And when you’re working with a short timespan, refinishing is a superior choice to remodeling. Consider tile repair and refinishing using Refinish First. Refinishing your bathrooms won’t take long at all – we can get the job done during a short student break at a fraction of the cost of a remodel.

Also, consider the fact that refinishing bathrooms is more environmentally friendly since you’re continuing to get more use out of your bathroom fixtures, whereas with a remodeling project you’re sending your old fixtures to the landfill. We pride ourselves on being a green alternative to remodeling, as well as improving students’ experience in their dorms.

A Permanent Fix for Worn-Out Dormitory Bathrooms: A Case Study

The Problem

One university was faced with leaking shower pans and moldy grout in over 300 dated dormitory tile showers. They were looking for a solution that would stop the leaking and damage, eliminate and prevent future mold as well as update the look of the showers. Removal and replacement was cost prohibitive.

The Refinish First Solution

To solve the leaking shower problem, Refinish First proposed a high-tech epoxy that cures underwater. The company’s quality stone-look refinishing process, would give the showers a like-new appearance. After a successful demonstration was performed on one shower unit, the rest of the showers were turned over to Refinish First.

The Process

The showers were completely cleaned using a two-step process to kill mold and remove all soap scum, body oils and dirt. Damaged wall grout was repaired and the high-tech epoxy applied to the leaking shower pans. As the epoxy seeped through the grout, existing moisture was displaced and the shower pans sealed. The need to “dry out” the pans was eliminated and, after curing for 24 hours, the showers were ready for refinishing. Refinish First’s stone-look finish was then applied.

The Result

Now, the showers don’t leak and they look like new. The university saved thousands of dollars in removal and replacement costs, and Refinish First completed the project on time. Since the original project, Refinish First has been called upon several times to solve other surface problems in the school’s residence halls.

This sealing and refinishing process has also been successfully used at other universities. Refinish First has proven to be a money-saving solution for college facility managers and their institutions.

Refinishing: A Green Remodeling Alternative

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), new home building generates between 3 and 5 lbs. of construction waste per square foot of home. By contrast, a remodeling project can generate between 70 and 115 lbs. of waste per square foot!

Refinish First provides a Green Remodeling Alternative. We restore damaged and dated bathroom fixtures, tile and countertop surfaces and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste piling up in landfills.

Porcelain, steel and even fiberglass bathtubs do not need to be replaced just because they are no longer easy to clean or because they are the wrong color. Instead, Refinish First gives new life to fixtures by repairing rough surfaces and chips, changing colors, and restoring surfaces to look and feel like new.

Our refinishing process works equally well on porcelain, tile, cultured marble, fiberglass, and acrylic surfaces. With the Refinish First resurfacing process, homeowners avoid the expense of removal and replacement of bathtubs, related flooring, tile, and plumbing hardware. As a result, savings to homeowners can be as high as 75%.

With growing concerns over global warming, greenhouse gases, and ozone levels, surface restoration makes more sense than ever before. Not only does refinishing reduce the burden on landfills, it also helps reduce pollution created by manufacturing and transporting new fixtures.

Professional bathtub refinishing by Refinish First is a proven restoration process that can add fifteen to twenty years of life to a bathtub. Resurfacing not only saves homeowners time and money, but also the hassle and mess of remodeling. Refinish First’s process is unique in that it is the only system that does not use toxic etching acids and has a nearly 30 year proven record.

Refinish First’s most recent product innovation has homeowners resurfacing rather than tearing out and replacing kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities with a stone look finish. It’s affordable, extremely durable and available in a variety of colors, hues and textures. And it will provide a solid surface look at a fraction of the cost and time. Unlike expensive man made, granite or marble, Refinish First’s stone finishes can be quickly and economically repaired in the event of a chip.

With a bit of planning, a homeowner should be able to get the makeover look they want by refinishing instead of replacing. Using Refinish First, they’ll not only save themselves money, but also contribute to a better environment. We pride ourselves on taking the Green approach to remodeling.

Refinish First offers a five-year guarantee against peeling or failure of adhesion. A refinished surface should last 15 to 20 years using the same care and maintenance recommended by new tub manufacturers.

Cleaning Your Refinish First Surfaces

Like any bathroom or kitchen surface, it’s important to keep your Refinish First surfaces clean. To preserve the life of your refinished surfaces, we recommend Refinish First.

Refinish First leaves bathtubs and showers sparkling clean and is:

  • Phosphate free
  • Bleach free
  • Septic safe

Developed by Refinish First for refinished surfaces:

  • Porcelain
  • Cultured marble
  • Tile
  • Fiberglass
  • Also great on non-refinished surfaces

It’s only available through Refinish First, so contact us to order today!

Professional Refinishing Services for Senior Living

Give your residents clean, safe, beautiful housing that’s easy to maintain and allows them to live with dignity and pride. We know that nursing homes take a lot of abuse, but we can upgrade your facility without costly, time-consuming renovations! Refinish First has completed many refinishing projects for senior-living and assisted-living facilities of all sizes, so we understand what’s important—affordability, minimal disruption to residents, cleanliness, and beautiful results!

Refinish First’s proprietary surface refinishing is significantly more economical than replacement—and we can often return rooms to service in about 24 hours. We can eliminate germs by sealing the grout and making those surfaces easier to clean and maintain. We repair and refinish all types of bath and kitchen surfaces, including porcelain, Formica, fiberglass, and cultured marble. Our finishes are guaranteed against peeling and adhesion failure.

We install grab bars and provide slip-resistant surfaces for bathroom safety and we can also make bathing safer for seniors with Refinish First Bathroom Conversion. Refinish First bathtub conversion lowers the tub side to reduce the risk of slipping and falling while getting in and out. We install into your existing bathtub in just one day to make entry and exit easier and safer. Plus, there is no extensive, expensive, messy remodeling. So, whether you need a completely new look or just a few chips repaired, contact Refinish First. We’re ready to help.