Kitchen Remodeling

As you show potential buyers around the home, the kitchen is the focal point of most tours and can make or break a sale. Outdated countertops and dingy tile make a home look dated and alert potential buyers to the need for expensive renovations in the future. According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2013, a minor kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to increase your resale value and recoup most of your renovation costs. The national average for a minor kitchen remodel was $18,527 while the average resale value was $13,977. A 75.4% recoup of costs places a minor kitchen remodel in the top 5 of most profitable home renovations.

The main focus of any kitchen remodel is installing new countertops—but you don’t have to go through the costly hassle of replacing countertops entirely. To increase your home’s value and impress buyers for a fraction of the price of replacement, refinish the existing countertops using our proprietary refinishing process. Our process of countertop refinishing involves the application of a very hard and durable coating to the existing counter. Countertop refinishing works equally well on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, laminate breakfast bars, and even cultured marble sink vanities.

Client Comments

I recently had the tile in my shower and bathroom counter tops resurfaced by Refinish First.  I am very pleased with the results.  David took the time to explain the process and deal with any concerns and questions we had. My old dark shabby looking bathroom has been transformed into a bright and beautiful room I am proud to show guests.  I would highly recommend this service

Come See Us at the Fair!

We’ll be at the Western Idaho Fair from August 16 – 25! After you finish trying your luck at carnival games, come visit us in Booth 99 in the Center Expo! Snag some cotton candy on the way because there’s no sweeter deal than a beautifully refinished bathtub or kitchen counter!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How does refinishing compare to replacement costs?

A. Refinishing costs vary across the country but refinishing will almost always be a fraction of the total cost of removing and replacing a kitchen countertop or large vanity. Bathroom vanities are often refinished at the same time as the bathtub and surround. Homeowners save even more when all the work is done at once.


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