Fall Makeover


College football kicks off next month! Is your bathtub as ready as you are? Even if you’re not a Bronco fan, you can still score an updated look for your tiles, counters, showers, or tubs in time for fall! Contact Refinish First today for any questions or to schedule an estimate.


Making Bathing Safer for Seniors

In 2008, approximately 21.8 million people aged 15 and up sustained nonfatal, unintentional injuries, resulting in approximately $67.3 billion in lifetime medical costs. Bathrooms are commonly believed to be a particularly hazardous location for injury. Out of the hundreds of thousands of nonfatal bathroom injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments, most injuries were caused by falls and injury rates increased by age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise all people, but especially older adults, to be aware of bathroom activities that are associated with a high risk of injury and of environmental modifications that might reduce that risk. One environmental modification that can greatly reduce the potential for injury in the bathroom is Refinish First.

If you’re considering a walk-in safety bathtub, call the pros at Refinish First . The Refinish First option gives you the same safety, convenience, and independence as expensive walk-in tubs for thousands less. We can install into your existing bathtub without the need for expensive remodeling. It’s suitable for steel, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs. Our one-day installation saves you the headaches of the remodeling needed to install a walk-in tub. We create a 9” deep by 24” wide tub opening to make entry and exit safer and easier. It’s the simplest way to make showering safer. For added safety and confidence, we can also install:

  • Grab bars
  • Curved shower rods
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Hand-held shower nozzle

Those of us at Refinish First have you and your family’s safety in mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can give you peace of mind and renewed confidence in your step.


Refinishing for Apartment Complexes

Are dull, chipped, or cracked kitchen and bathroom surfaces tarnishing the image of your apartment complex? Refinish First has the answer!

It’s important to give potential renters a great first impression. We know that apartment rentals undergo a lot of wear and tear, but we can upgrade your rooms without costly, time-consuming renovations! We’ve completed tens of thousands of refinishing projects for apartment complexes of all sizes, so we understand what’s important—affordability, quick turnaround, return on investment, and beautiful results!

Refinish First’s proprietary surface refinishing is significantly more economical than replacement—and tenants can often return to apartments in about 24 hours. We repair and refinish all types of bath and kitchen surfaces, including porcelain, Formica, fiberglass, and cultured marble. Our finishes are guaranteed against peeling and adhesion failure. We can also install grab bars and provide slip-resistant surfaces for bathroom safety.

Problems we solve for apartments:

  • Bathtubs – Ugly, chipped, hard to clean
  • Tile surrounds – cracked, moldy, chipped
  • Showers – leaking, cracked, moldy
  • Vanities – unsightly, cracked, stained
  • Kitchen countertops – stained, chipped, dated colors
  • Fiberglass – cracked, leaking, ugly colors
  • Sinks – dated colors, chipped, stained

Whether you need a completely new look or just a few chips repaired, Refinish First is ready to help. Give Refinish First a call today.

Refresh Your Kitchen!

Refinishing your countertops is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. You don’t have to spend thousands to replace your countertop when Refinish First can refinish and restore it. Our method can save you up to 75% on the costs of replacement and the demolition mess from a fully replaced countertop. And instead of waiting weeks to be able to use your countertop, you’ll get your desired kitchen in days. To refinish your counter, we apply a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter to extend its functional life. We can refinish kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, laminate breakfast bars, and even cultured marble sink vanities.

Even though countertop refinishing has been popular for years, technology has allowed us to more effectively refinish countertops at a price attractive and affordable to homeowners. We can refinish most tile, cultured marble, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart, and other laminate countertops. Our finishes are available in many colors and textures to fit any decorating need. Not all refinishers are equal—Refinish First uses only the very best of materials and processes to deliver an attractive countertop you can take pride in for years to come.

The Refinishing Process

If your surfaces are worn and outdated, you don’t need to replace them. Our refinishing process can save customers up to 75% of the cost of replacing worn-out bathroom or kitchen surfaces. The Refinish First process using a bonding agent, advanced coatings and final detailing sets us apart from all other refinishers.     Our refinishing services: